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Gynecomastia is a condition found in men that causes the growth and development of breasts.  This can happen at any age and is primarily the result of an increased amount of estrogen developing within the body.  The condition can also be heredity. For many men, gynecomastia is a condition that damages their self-confidence.  In extreme cases, men will often limit physical activity and avoid intimate moments with their partner in order to hide their condition. Gynecomastia is cosmetic only and causes no serious health issues.

Gynecomastia surgery is a simple procedure with a quick recovery time and virtually no scarring. There are two main surgical techniques used depending on the severity of the Gynecomastia:

Liposuction:  Liposuction involves inserting a small tube into each breast, loosening excess fatty tissue and sucking it out of the body via a vacuum.  This surgery is common for men with excess fatty tissue in the breast alone.

Excision:  Excision techniques tend to be used for advanced cases of gynecomastia. Excision involves the careful removal of excess skin and breast tissue and the re-alignment of the breast to fit the natural chest contour of a male.

Gynecomastia Surgery is a popular procedure and Toronto Surgeon Dr. Daniel Martin combines his years of experience with first-class facilities and a supportive team to ensure your surgery is a resounding success.

To begin the process of gynecomastia surgery, Dr. Daniel Martin will schedule an appointment in his Toronto office to meet with you and go over the details of the procedure.  Dr. Martin is very thorough in each assessment and will examine your chest to measure the percentages of fatty tissue vs breast tissue.  This will enable him to make a decision on whether liposuction or excision surgery is right for you. During this time, you are free to share any concerns as Dr. Martin guides you through the surgical process.




Is a Toronto Gynecomastia procedure a good fit for me?

Gynecomastia surgery is a relatively simple procedure and a can often be life changing for a man. Dr. Daniel Martin finds that many of his Toronto patients rediscover their self-confidence, giving them a new lease on life. If gynecomastia is affecting your confidence negatively, you’re likely a good candidate for this procedure.  Call Dr. Martin at his Toronto office today to book a consultation.


Are my Toronto Gynecomastia expectations reasonable?

By preparing a set of questions before your initial consultation and communicating with Dr. Martin frequently, you minimize the risk of disappointment post-surgery. With the aid of modern technology, Dr. Martin will take photos of your chest which will enable him to calculate a percentage of fat, tissue or skin removal, resulting in a computer-generated image of what you could expect your chest to look like after surgery. This will help keep your expectations realistic.


How long does it take to recover?

Gynecomastia surgery is a relatively simple procedure with a short recovery time. Full rest at home is required for the first 3 days after the operation with limited waist, chest and arm movements. Swelling and bruising will begin to reduce after a week, usually completely subsiding after 2-3 weeks. Light aerobic activity (walking and jogging) can begin 2 weeks after surgery. After 4-5 weeks, the chest becomes fully functional.

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Cosmetic Services

Arm and Inner Thigh Lift

Following significant weight loss, the skin and soft tissues of the arm and inner thigh can become loose and sag. Many patients do not like the appearance of the excess, sagging skin and are self-conscious about their arms and inner thighs. The excess skin may also be problematic as the arm can rub on the side of the chest and the inner thighs can rub together. Arm lift (brachioplasty) and inner thigh lift can improve the appearance and reduce the rubbing of the arms and inner thighs by removing this excess skin and improving the contour.

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Brow Lift

Brow lift is a procedure that elevates the eyebrows and reduces the appearance of forehead wrinkles. An incision is made in the scalp to allow for elevation of the eyebrows. The forehead skin is tightened and the excess skin excised. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia. Patients go home the day of surgery and follow up with Dr. Martin several days later.

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Rhinoplasty is a procedure that improves the appearance of the nose. The procedure can be performed closed (without an external incision) or open (with a small external incision). A variety of techniques can be used to alter different aspects of the nose. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia and the length of the procedure varies. Patients go home the day of surgery and follow up with Dr. Martin several days later.

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Breast Reduction

“I am so happy with my surgery. Sad I did not do it years ago. Thank you so much, Dr. Martin and staff, for your help and follow up getting me to this wonderful new “me”. My new confidence and attitude are all thanks to you .”

Breast Reduction

“Had a great experience, from the first consult until post surgery. Dr. Daniel Martin is wonderful, easy to talk to and listens to your concerns. Had my breast reduction and I am grateful to him for the results. I wish I didn’t wait this long.. couldn’t be any happier. The staff were great at the office and had wonderful care in the hospital. Thank you, Dr. Daniel Martin, for my new look. You are simply amazing, #1. Blessed to know you.”

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