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Facelift surgery (also called Rhytidoplasty) is a cosmetic procedure that offers increased structural support of the face creating a more youthful appearance. A facelift can have a tremendously positive impact on a patient’s life. Increased self-esteem and a fresh, rejuvenated appearance are just two of the outcomes of a cosmetic facelift procedure.

Toronto Plastic Surgeon Dr. Daniel Martin takes a situational approach with his Toronto cosmetic surgery patients. Rather than apply the same technique to every patient, Dr. Martin tailors the procedure specifically to the needs of the individual patient in order to create the most desirable outcome. The ultimate goal is a balanced and harmonious appearance, bringing back and accentuating the youth of the patient while avoiding the “tightening” appearance that facelifts of the past were known to produce.

Toronto Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Daniel Martin begins the process with an in-person consultation. In this evaluation, Dr. Martin will listen to the concerns of the Toronto facelift patient and also make recommendations for areas of improvement. A menu of procedures may be recommended for the patient to consider that will assist in creating a youthful and revitalized look. In this evaluation, your upper and lower eyelids, your cheeks and jawline, your skin, and your forehead and brows will all be examined.

A complete facelift procedure enhances the jawline, neck, and midface. During the procedure, the facial fat and muscles will be tightened and lifted, the facial skin smoothed and excess skin being removed.

As a Facial Plastic Surgeon in Toronto with expertise in facelift surgery, Dr. Martin will provide additional options for enhancement that will maximize the experience and yield the optimal results. For example, a browlift and eyelid surgery can be included in the cosmetic process to help create a harmonious look to the Toronto patient’s face. Dr. Martin’s goal is to surpass your facelift surgery needs and hopes with first class patient care, service, and stunning surgical results.



Is a Toronto Facelift procedure a good fit for me?

A facelift is a wonderful opportunity to bring back a youthful look to one’s face. Ideal candidates for a Toronto facelift procedure have good facial elasticity, do not smoke, and are in good physical condition. If you are unsure if you are a good candidate for facelift cosmetic surgery, call Dr. Martin to book a consultation.


Are my Toronto Facelift expectations reasonable?

It is important to maintain realistic expectations of any cosmetic surgery procedure. The best way to maintain realistic expectations is through open and honest communication with Dr. Martin. As a Toronto Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Daniel Martin offers a thorough assessment, and in that consultation, the fears and expectations of the patient will be discussed and addressed. Often clients will bring in images of celebrities as examples of what they would like. This is fine from an academic standpoint, and as a guide. Remember that our goal is to make the best version of YOU, and not to make you look like someone else.


How long does it take to recover?

Recovery time depends on the individual, but one can expect to resume normal activities after two weeks of rest. A follow up will be scheduled with Dr. Martin after the procedure to check the swelling and assess the outcomes of the cosmetic procedure. Remember to plan ahead and create a comfortable home environment before the procedure.

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