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Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure aimed at altering the nose to change its appearance or improve its functionality. It is one of the more complex cosmetic surgical procedures, and also one of the most common. As an expert cosmetic plastic surgeon with vast experience in facial procedures, Dr. Daniel Martin takes a particular interest in performing nasal plastic surgeries that improve appearance as well as better the breathing capabilities of his patients.

There are a variety of conditions that can be improved by performing a rhinoplasty, such as an oversized nose, the width of patients’ nostrils, and an unpleasing nasal tip. In order to best improve the aesthetic of the nose, both the profile and the frontal view of the nose are considered. Cosmetic improvement is not the sole reason for rhinoplasty, however, as nasal surgery can also be corrective surgery. Some medical conditions that can be addressed through rhinoplasty include chronic snoring, a deviated septum (which can lead to breathing difficulties), and post-nasal drip. During Dr. Daniel Martin’s patient assessment, both cosmetic and medical aspects of the procedure are addressed.

Each patient and procedure are dealt with situationally, as all noses are unique, and require a particular approach. Each Toronto rhinoplasty patient receives a customized approach to best ensure that their surgical goals are reached.

If you are interested in a surgical consultation to discuss rhinoplasty, book a consultation with Dr. Daniel Martin, who will make you surgical experience the best possible.




Is a Toronto Rhinoplasty procedure a good fit for me?

Rhinoplasty is a good fit for anyone who is displeased with the appearance of their nose or suffers a medical condition which makes breathing through the nose challenging. There is no ideal age parameter for rhinoplasty, although teenagers who are still in a growth stage, both physically and emotionally, should consider waiting to proceed. Toronto rhinoplasty patients who are afflicted with chronic breathing or snoring issues are ideal candidates for this type of surgery.


Are my Toronto Rhinoplasty surgery expectations reasonable?

It is important that expectations fall within a realistic range, and the best way to achieve that is through honestly sharing your expectations with Dr. Martin. Communication is integral to the success of the procedure, and Dr. Martin, through his consultation, will learn more about your desired outcome. During the consultation, Dr. Martin will assess the structure of your nose, the nasal bones, cartilage, skin and other features. A detailed assessment of past surgeries, seasonal allergies and other criteria which could affect the procedure and outcome will be taken. When the examination is complete, Dr. Martin will discuss with you the realistic expectations of the procedure, and whether rhinoplasty will improve your quality of life, both aesthetically and physically.


Is there an ideal nose type that I should get?

No there is not. Rather, Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon Dr. Martin assesses each Toronto rhinoplasty patient to determine the best nose for their face, the nose that betters their appearance and breathing ability. The goal is always to achieve a natural look, and never an operated look. That requires dealing with each unique nose individually.


How long does it take to recover?

Dr. Martin’s Toronto rhinoplasty patients are able to go home the same day as the procedure and are scheduled for a follow-up after a few days. Generally speaking, one week of rest is recommended, with the patient returning to normal life after that. It is recommended that any rigorous activity is delayed for two weeks.

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