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What to Expect After Your Plastic Surgery Procedure

What to Expect After Your Plastic Surgery


One of the biggest misconceptions with plastic surgery is that the recovery period is brief and requires little management.

Dr. Daniel Martin and his Toronto-based team understand that the post-operative recovery process is crucial to the final outcome of the procedure. Dr. Martin ensures that every client is well aware of how to manage the recovery period and will compose a personal recovery schedule for you to review and follow.  This schedule is tailored for your surgery and body-type while taking into account family surgical histories as well as previous surgeries (both of which can affect the recovery process).  In addition to this, Dr. Martin will schedule you into several check-up appointments to make sure that your plastic surgery recovery is going to plan. By taking your time to recover well, you greatly enhance your chances of achieving optimal results.

Here’s what to expect after your procedure:


Post Plastic Surgery Pain and Swelling:

Directly after your procedure, you will be in a moderate level of pain.  While Dr. Martin will prescribe you with the appropriate medication to help ease the pain, this level of discomfort is to be expected directly after surgery.

With most procedures, swelling will occur from about 2-3 days, most often reducing after around 2 weeks. Swelling is a normal process after surgery and is nothing to be alarmed about.  To help with the swelling, Dr. Martin will issue you with a compression garment.  A compression garment reduces swelling and helps your body fit their new and improved contours. Compression garments are typically worn for several weeks.  During a post-operative check-up, Dr. Martin will check your swelling and advise on when the compression garment can be removed.


Plastic Surgery Recovery Time: 

Different procedures require varying recovery times, however, it’s safe to assume that the entire recovery period will take 2-3 months at the least.  Because the recovery period is so critical to the final outcome of the surgery, you need to take this into account before you have the surgery.  In many cases, you will need to take time off work or have other people manage your affairs for you.  Most post-operative recovery procedures require plenty of rest and a limit on exercise and common household tasks. If common barriers (such as work or looking after children) will stop you from getting the rest you need, it may be best to delay the plastic surgery.  Consult with Dr. Martin for specific recovery times per procedure. 


Post Plastic Surgery Communication With Dr. Martin:

Dr. Martin will meet with you regularly to carefully observe the recovery process. During this time, it’s important to be upfront and honest with Dr. Martin about any issues you may be having. This includes and is not limited to pain, discomfort, stress, depression, lack of rest and more. Communicating openly with Dr. Martin enables him to review the recovery process and potentially alter different factors (such as medication or amount of rest) in order to ensure you’re healing optimally. Communicating openly and honestly during this time is an essential component to recovering well.

To understand in greater depth the post-operative recovery procedures, book a personal consultation with Dr. Martin in his Toronto office today.


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