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Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation is a surgical procedure for women who would like to increase the size and improve the shape of their breasts. Dr. Martin usually performs breast augmentation with implants, although fat can be used in limited circumstances. Breast implants have been used for many years. They are safe and ensure a predictable result following breast augmentation. Breast augmentation is a very common procedure and you can feel safe and confident in Dr. Martin’s care.

Things to Consider

Dr. Daniel Martin will meet with you in consultation to discuss your concerns and what you would like to achieve with breast augmentation. He will perform an examination and then discuss the options available to you. During the consultation Dr. Martin will discuss with you the type and size of breast implant, the type of incision and the implant placement.

Breast Implants

There are two types of breast implants available:

  • Silicone implants – These implants have a silicone shell and are filled with silicone gel.
  • Saline implants – These implants have a silicone shell and are filled with salt water.


There are three different incisions that can used for placement of the breast implant:

  • Inframammary – incision under the fold of the breast
  • Periareolar – an incision located along the lower half of the areola
  • Transaxillary – an incision located in the armpit


There are two different locations that the implant can be placed:

  • Subglandular – A space is created under the breast tissue for the breast implant
  • Subpectoral – A space is created under the chest muscle for the breast implant

Implant Size and Projection

Determining breast implant size and projection is an important part of the decision-making process.  Problems can be avoided after surgery simply by selecting an appropriately sized breast implant.  Implant size is determined based on Dr. Martin’s discussion with you and your breast measurements.  A variety of different sizes of implants are available in the office.  These are used to help determine the appropriate implant size for you.  Dr. Martin has used the same method of implant size selection for many years and this has resulted in a high rate of patient satisfaction following surgery, with very few patients returning because they want to change the size of their breast implant.

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How is Breast Augmentation performed?

Dr. Martin performs breast augmentation with patients asleep under general anesthesia.  Once you are asleep Dr. Martin will make the predetermined type of incision and create the pocket for the implant.  The breast implant is then inserted into the space, positioned properly and the incision is closed.  When the procedure is complete, Dr. Martin will apply a dressing and a compression garment.  Patients go home the same day of surgery.

Recovery following Breast Augmentation

Pain medicine is given after surgery although the procedure is not particularly painful.  Patients are encouraged to be up moving around after surgery but should not exercise or lift anything heavy for 2 weeks.  Surgical tapes are removed from the incision 2 weeks after surgery.  Silicone gel can then be applied to the incision to improve the appearance of the scar.  The garment is worn for a total of 6 weeks after surgery.  There are several post-operative appointments with Dr. Martin to be sure that his patients heal properly.

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